The Great HEA Event with @RhodaBaxter! #GreatHEAEvent

Author Rhoda Baxter is here today, and she hits on one of the most important aspects of HEA (in my opinion.) The idea that it is a promise. Read on!


Why an HEA is important to me.

Genre is a promise. The promise made in romance novels is that there will be a happy ending. If not Happy Ever After, at least a Happy For Now. Because of this promise, I will happily go through all manner of highs and lows with a character. I can laugh and gasp and cry into my hot chocolate, without being harmed … Because everything will be okay in the end

In the past year, where covid wiped out all other certainties, I needed HEAs more than ever. Everything was not okay in real life and I had very little capacity for taking on further trauma, even in fictional form. My reading habit all but died. The only books I could read were the ones that had a happy ending, so that I could get that tiny endorphin hit at the end … when everything turns out to be okay.

So HEAs, for me, have been glimmers of light in a dark year. Moments of happiness and warmth that let me forget the tension of real life. I love them.

Girl On The Run by Rhoda Baxter

“A great heroine, a swoonworthy hero and a properly nasty villain.” Jenni Fletcher

After a humiliating split from her celebrity ex, Jane is hiding from the spotlight. She’s moved city, moved jobs and changed her hair. She wants to disappear and finish her training as a patent attorney.

Marshall has worked hard for years and nomination to the partnership is tantalisingly close. He must avoid scandal at any cost.

When they meet, their attraction is impossible to ignore. Neither wants a fuss, but with the paparazzi following Jane and an office trouble maker determined to sabotage their relationship, they can’t escape unscathed.

Girl on the Run is the first in a series of standalone contemporary romances. Ideal for fans of Mhairi McFarlane or Sue Moorcroft.

Buy it here!

Rhoda Baxter writes books about people who make her laugh. A microbiologist by training, Rhoda loves all things science geeky. She also loves cake, crochet and playing with Lego. You can find out more about her (and get a free book by signing up to her newsletter) on her website.

On Christmas Tree Cove Cover Reveal by @sarahvtompkins!

I’m thrilled to take part in the cover reveal for Sarah Vance-Tompkins’ On Christmas Tree Cove! Isn’t it pretty?

On Christmas Tree Cove
by Sarah Vance-Tompkins
Published by: Tule Publishing
Publication date: October 27th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Holiday, Romance


This Christmas calls for a special touch of magic…

December was always a special time for seaplane pilot Morgan Adair, but after losing her parents six years ago, the holiday is a quiet affair. When her siblings announce plans to sell the family home, Morgan longs to experience her favorite, now-forgotten tradition one more time: a lighted tree that, for over a hundred years, has appeared floating on a boat in the harbor every Christmas Eve.

The Taylors were always rivals to the Adairs in the once-thriving fishing village of Christmas Tree Cove, but Jesse Taylor was much more. He wanted to be understanding when Morgan set aside their plans to escape to Chicago in order to hold her family together, but his future as a successful freelance photographer soared on without her.

As Morgan dives deeper into the history of the mysterious holiday appearance, she discovers that true love has always been at the heart of the annual tradition. Can the wonder of Christmas and a few surprises along the way rekindle that love for Morgan and Jesse too?

AUTHOR BIO:Sarah Vance-Tompkins was born in a small town in northern Michigan. She spent every summer exploring the sugar sand beaches near Sleeping Bear National Park. She left her heart behind when she moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. She received an MFA in Film Production and went on to work in feature film development in Hollywood. She has worked as a reporter for a weekly entertainment trade publication, written press releases, the directions for use on personal lubricant bottles, and breathless descriptions of engagement rings for an online jewelry store. She lives in a small town north of Los Angeles with her husband and two unruly cats.

Author links:

The Great HEA Event with @ingloriousgigi! #GreatHEAEvent

I love today’s post! Welcome, author Georgina Kiersten, who has a fabulous post on the value of an uncompromising HEA. This is wonderful.


One of the first phrases we hear as children are “And they lived happily ever after”. The phrase is so innocuous that a lot of us take it for granted. We forget that beyond the realm of fairy tale princesses that the real world is often doesn’t a happily ever after.

We break up; we move on; we lose.

As a society, we learned this past year that the world can be an unforgiving place full of dangers and loss. I think therefore the words “Happily Ever After” and the concept are more important than ever. Those words are a power, a hope that even in the darkest nights that one day we will able to find happiness again. 

For me, ‘A Happily Ever’ means that no matter how you look like, what color of your skin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body shape, or gender identity that one day someone will see you for who you truly are, that you will never have to compromise the most important parts of yourself, and that you will be adored utterly for all of your pieces. 

In the end, that singular notion of Happily Ever After is what fuels me. What keeps me getting out of bed every morning, and what motivates me to drag myself to my laptop to write. Because writing a HEA, especially for those who rarely see themselves represented in our community, means that I’m not giving up on hope. I’m creating hope every day with every word I write and a dream that love is alive and well within the grasp of everyone; no matter who they are. 

Fall Into You by Georgina Kiersten…coming Nov. 4, 2021

It’s Autumn. Is there a better time to fall in love?

Imari Haines has had it with the gossip. The whole town is acting like she’s their very own Runaway Bride. A plus-size, black version of Julia Roberts that left a perfectly nice boy at the altar.

Her family are no exception. Her mother won’t stop making passive-aggressive comments. 

Exhausted by this charged atmosphere, a boss that doesn’t appreciate her, and the never-ending town rumors, Imari makes a bold decision. Come autumn, she moves to Appeley (a small town in Hill Country) and never looks back.

In Appeley, for the first time ever, Imari feels welcome, happy, and unapologetically herself. She tries new things, makes brand-new friends and, while attending the fall apple festival, she accidentally bumps into a very familiar face…

Cassidy Martinez was her childhood best friend and partner in crime. Now, she has grown into a stunning, confident woman, and Imari can’t help noticing.

Should she take a risk?

Can the two of them pick up where they left off, or is being friends not going to be enough this time around?

For updates on this book, click here!

In the meantime, you can also preorder The Devil’s Bargain by Rian Fox, another pen name under which Georgina writes.

The last thing Silas Cromwell expected was for a book to change his life. When a rare first edition book from a famous 19th-century Occultist ends up in Silas’s lap at an auction, life as he knows it suddenly changes. Pressured into performing one of the rituals from the book by a friend, Silas gets a tease of regret. Now Silas can’t sleep, is having nightmares that end with him waking up terrified. Something obscene, dark and deadly wants Silas and he isn’t human. Bazaduil lusts for Silas and won’t take no for an answer, even if it means tricking and seducing him. In a life where being told ‘there are no monsters,’ it will be one lie Silas will have to face. Will Silas be able to ignore Bazaduil advances or will he submit to this demon’s twisted agenda?

An M/M Black Monster erotic short story that has dubious consent, a tad bit of bondage, informal dominant/submissive play, implied mpreg, breeding kink, tail kink, and monster sex. 

Preorder it here!

Georgina Kiersten (Rian Fox) is a black non-binary author who was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Living with a disability has given Georgina the ability to see the world in a unique and open way that shines through their writing. When they not writing and reading the latest books, Georgina is a graphic designer by trade and a bit of a geek diving headfirst into the fandom universe. As well as juggling five kids and two dogs. Don’t miss out on Georgina’s first debut book Fall Into You. Look for more of Georgina’s books in the future, specialized in racially diverse LGBTQ romance and erotica.