The story behind the haunted mirror in Darke Music.

Mirrors have always held an element of fascination and fear for me.

They show us who we are, but they can also be portals to another world.

When I began writing Darke Music, the second book in my Darke Paranormal Investigations series, I knew I wanted to include some spooky mirrors in my fictional Asch Institute of Opera.

Why? Well, here’s where you get a bit of my own history in the story. I studied vocal performance at the University of Toronto, and the building had a basement warren of practice rooms for the students to use. Each room had a piano so that students could find their notes, and they also had mirrors on the walls, so that we could check our posture and make sure we were singing properly.

There was something about those mirrors that I just didn’t like. Maybe it was because I was in the basement of an old building and my imagination got carried away. Maybe I was sensing the emotions of students from long ago, their frustration and their desire to do well. Whatever the reason, those mirrors make an appearance in Darke Music, and the effect on the students is not a good one.

Please join me at the Asch Institute of Opera. Just beware that if you glance into the practice room mirrors, you may see more than your own reflection.

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Darke Passion release day!!

They’re here! The Darke sisters have arrived.

It’s finally the release day for Darke Passion, Darke Paranormal Investigations 1, and I’m thrilled to see this book out there in the world. Over the last few months, I’ve shared some of the inspiration behind this story, and I hope it has piqued your interest.

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Ghosts can’ t hurt the living? The Darke sisters know otherwise.

Edwina Darke is one of a trio of ghost-hunting sisters who rid clients of their unwanted supernatural visitors. A badass by nature, Edwina doesn’ t run from haunted houses— she runs into them. Yet no matter how many “ ghosts” she debunks, she remains troubled by a demon from her own past.

Simon Teal is the co-owner of a historic B&B in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, a town famous for its connection to the 1812 War. Simon doesn’ t believe in the spirit world, but something is chasing his customers away, so he reluctantly allows the Darke sisters to investigate.

As the team uncovers the star-crossed love behind the B&B haunting, Edwina and Simon’ s attraction flares. It’ s the last thing either of them needs. The dedicated Edwina refuses to lose herself in another relationship, and Simon is still reeling from a terrible betrayal.

When a darker presence reveals itself, triggering their protective instincts, Edwina and Simon succumb to temptation. But the evil entity has taken an interest in them, and if they don’ t solve the mystery, someone new could end up going “ into the light.”

And it could be one of them.

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Did I see the ghost of Lady Sophia?

Friends, I recently had the opportunity to stay the night at beautiful Brockamour Manor in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake! As you may have already read, the intriguing history behind this gorgeous property was the inspiration behind my setting in Darke Passion, Darke Paranormal Investigations 1.

General Isaac Brock himself has a connection to the home, and a portrait of the handsome officer hangs in the billiards room. It is said that the Lady Sophia Shaw, a resident of the home, was secretly engaged to General Brock during the War of 1812. Apparently, he stopped here to visit with Sophia one last time before riding off to the Battle of Queenston Heights, a battle that claimed his life.
Sophia mourned him for the rest of her life.

My husband and I were really excited to stay in the Lady Sophia room at Brockamour, a place named for this star-crossed romance. Local ghost tour operators will talk about “Sobbing Sophia,” the mournful wraith of Brock’s lost love. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous to sleep there. However, I can honestly say the atmosphere is a peaceful one, and if Lady Sophia does linger there, I don’t think she’s sad anymore. I would like to believe she and the charismatic officer finally met again in the hereafter, and that they are no longer tied to her former home. 

If you’d like more info on Brockamour Manor, check our their site here!

We’re only two weeks away from the release of Darke Passion, Darke Paranormal Investigations 1!

I can’t wait to introduce you to my own star-crossed lovers and the modern lovers who uncover their story.

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