Cover reveal! Dead Sound by @aniseeden! @hottreepromos.

One of my fave romance peeps, and fave authors, is Anise Eden. I was a fan from the day I read the first of her wonderful Healing Edge series, and I’m so excited she has a new book, and a cover reveal, for us.

Her newest is a romantic suspense called Dead Sound. I was honoured to read an early copy and I can tell you it is an awesome story.

Anise Eden’s medical thriller “Dead Sound” releases October 12th.

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The tender scars on her abdomen throb as memories of the attack come rushing back, flooding her mind and sending her heart racing… 

Psychotherapist Neve Keane knew that returning to work at the hospital after being stabbed by a patient would be difficult. But entering her unit only to be surrounded by a crowd of people claiming they need her help to stop the apocalypse—that’s more than she bargained for. 

When the crowd’s leader turns out to be a mutual patient of Neve and her best friend, streetwise Irish doctor Cornelius O’Brien, they are both pulled into a Byzantine plot that transforms Capitol Hill General into a dangerous place where threats and betrayals lurk around every corner.
Then their mutual patient falls into a mysterious coma, and the clues he left behind lead Neve and Cornelius straight into Washington, DC’s ugly underbelly, a world of shadowy political forces with long arms and deadly intentions. 

As they race to unravel the threads of a sinister conspiracy that leads from their hospital all the way to the White House, Neve and Cornelius realize they might be fighting to stop the end of the world, after all—provided they can survive the week with targets on their backs.

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Huge congrats to Anise! I hope you’ll all add this one to your to-be-read list!

Shepherds and Lambs by @rosereywriter.

Some time ago, author Rosemary Rey asked me to beta read her new book, Shepherds and Lambs. Folks, I am so glad I did. Even though I read an early copy, I was riveted. Rosemary has spun such an engaging read, and I just had to invite her to share it here on my blog.

I urge you to grab a copy of this exciting romantic suspense today!

Shepherds and Lambs by Rosemary Rey

 Dr. Grace Shepherd is living her best life as a professor at a small liberal arts college in rural Maine where she teaches students the sexual values and mores of societies, while also running a micro-farm. But when FBI Agent Andrew Wolff shows up to investigate the poisoning of her estranged cult-leader father, High Shepherd Collin A. Shepherd, everything Grace has done to shake off her toxic past goes up in smoke.

Now, Grace must return to her father’s home in Northern California—the Glen, residence to devotees of a centuries’ old sex cult—to help Agent Wolff gain access to the estate in order to solve her father’s murder, and hopefully discover a well-hidden secret from her own past. Unfortunately, access isn’t so easy to come by, particularly when Grace meets the sexy interim High Shepherd, Cordero Monteverde, and learns her father left her the entire Glen estate and a promise to reveal the answer to the twenty-eight-year family secret, under one condition. She must submit to Cord and the rules of the Glen.

Grace can either play the part of a Lamb to Cord’s sexually intense Shepherd, and acquire the information that will reveal her own identity and place in the world, or get in bed—literally—with Wolff in order to investigate her father’s murder, bringing her closure and the chance to return to her old life. Torn between two men, Grace must decide if her own thirst for answers is reason enough to maintain the secrets of the Glen or if it’s time to let her father’s legacy go once and for all.

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 For US readers, there’s a Goodreads giveaway until April 15, 2019, for a chance to win one out of ten eBooks of Shepherds and Lambs:

At ten-years-old Rosemary Rey never imagined that setting a heavy Smith-Corona typewriter on her lap to type out short stories, smudging black typewriter ribbon ink on her small fingers, would be the start of her writing career. After rediscovering Romance, Erotica, and Contemporary Women’s Fiction, she left her law practice in 2013 to write her first Romantic Suspense novel before turning forty. Her first book, Rebound, became the first book in her Pentagon Group series. Her favorite story lines contain plot twists and cliffhangers. When she’s not writing, she’s watching sports, Hallmark Romance and Movies and Mysteries films on repeat, and The Golden Girls before drifting off to sleep; she hopes to be as sexy and alluring as Blanche in her second half of life. Rosemary Rey lives in the Midwest with her husband and three children.

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 Thank you and Happy Reading.


Monette Michaels. Storm Warning.

Not only is Monette Michaels a fabulous author (one of my “go-to’s”), she is a mentor to me. She has been a huge supporter of my work and has really helped me iron out some of the kinks in my work. I love this lady and I couldn’t be more excited to see her release a new book. In this case, she’s brought us the latest installment in her wildly popular SSI series, Storm Warning. Please help me give Monette a warm welcome and make sure you preorder this one pronto.



Storm Warning, Book 4, Security Specialists International

Author: Monette Michaels

ISBN: 978-0-9862730-5-6

Publication Date: August 25, 2015

Publisher: Monette Michaels

Words: 118.5 K

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Former helicopter pilot DJ Poe is a woman used to working in a man’s world and comfortable as SSI’s first female field operative. It’s her instant attraction to the company’s computer specialist that has her questioning her ability to overcome her past and develop an intimate relationship with a man.

Stuart “Tweeter” Walsh already admired DJ for saving his brother’s life in Afghanistan, but when the tall, leggy, blonde goddess joins SSI, he falls instantly in love. All he has to do is convince the man-shy beauty to take a chance on him.

Take one alpha-male geek, add in one skittish female warrioress—throw them into close proximity and you have the perfect conditions for storm warnings.

Excerpt 3:

Settling back against the faux burgundy leather, DJ sighed happily. “That was a long day, but fun. I’ve never bought so many things at one time before.”

DJ had never enjoyed shopping so much. The fun company made all the difference. She’d bought more winter clothing and a one-piece swimsuit for the Sanctuary indoor lap pool and hot tub. She also managed to find some pretty clothes for her mother whose birthday was later in the month.

“Well, you didn’t buy the bikini that looked so good on you.” Before DJ could defend her position, Callie added, “So, I bought it for you.” The former model winked. “Tweeter will

lu-u-urve it.”

DJ picked up a packet of sugar and threw it at Callie who laughed as she batted it away. “I can’t wear that,” she protested. “Not all of us are former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover models. Besides it has huge holes.”

“My dearest DJ, they’re called strategically placed cut-outs,” Callie intoned in a snooty tone she must’ve picked up from a top fashion designer. “And you, my dear, have the perfectly toned body to show this little ensemble to advantage. It just screams you.”

DJ snorted and shook her head, but she couldn’t help smiling at Callie’s silliness.

Callie giggled and added in her normal voice, “Seriously, DJ yyou looked hawt in it. That royal blue color was great against your skin tones. So … I’m giving it to you and you’re keeping it.”

“Might as well give up,” Keely said. “Callie’s going through the hormonal need-to-mother-everybody part of her pregnancy. And she’s right, my brother will love you in that suit. I wish I had long legs … and a long torso. I’d have bought the fuschia-colored one. Unfortunately, those cut-outs would hit me in all the wrong places. It’s hell being short.”