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It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the air is
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Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of year.  When I was younger, I was much braver than I am now and I used to watch lots of scary movies. The one that scared me most was Halloween.


Watching villian Michael Myers pursue Jamie Lee Curtis throughout suburbia was about the scariest thing I could imagine.  What’s your favorite scary movie?

One commenter who shares a scary favorite will win a copy of Predator’s Kiss, Gemini Island Shifters 1. Happy Halloween!

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M.S. Kaye. Awaken From Death.

Awaken from Death

Born from Death book 2

by M.S. Kaye


Will they discover the truth of their ancient connection before it destroys them both?

Ilona continues to struggle with loss, as well as trying to find where she fits in with other people, if she ever really will. She starts taking dangerous risks.

Archer is desperate to protect Illona and discovers more about himself in the progress. When Ilona is in danger of being mauled by a dog, he desperately tries something that shouldn’t be possible. And yet he succeeds.

This is just the beginning of his discovery of who—what—he truly is.


Release date 10/15/16 from Inkspell Publishing.

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Strong as Death, Born From Death book 1

Ilona discovers what it means to have a mother who is a modern woman and a father who is a 19th-century gentleman ghost.

After being hit by a car and taken to the hospital, Ilona starts to realize she’s different from other people, and that her mother has hidden the truth from her. She sneaks out of the hospital in order to discover the truth.

A mysterious boy named Archer guides her through Brooklyn and introduces her to Hendrick, the man who claims to be her father—though he died in 1890.

Ilona must discover not only what she must do to rid the city of Soll, a sadistic and powerful spirit, but also what it means to be half ghost. She proves what her mother told her—love is stronger than death.

Sneak Peek at Awaken from Death:

The blond boy didn’t walk up to a urinal or into one of the stalls, or even up to the mirror. He stood in the middle of the room.

Invisible, Lettie watched curiously.

Something moved backward away from him. Out of him.

She recognized Archer’s shiny black hair and strong frame even before she could see his face.

She gasped. But ghosts can’t inhabit people.

The blond boy shook his head and looked around. “Fuck.”

“I’m sorry,” Archer murmured so the boy wouldn’t hear.

Lettie stared at both of them.

The blond boy turned, leaned his hands on the counter, and looked at himself in the mirror…not the way people usually looked at themselves. It was more like he was trying to see something more than was in the reflection.

Archer watched him, as if waiting for him to see something.

Then Lettie understood. Archer hadn’t merely inhabited the boy—he’d possessed him. But there were only a couple ways that’d be possible—if he were half ghost, or if he…

A memory struck Lettie like a horse galloping across a battlefield. An ancient memory. Lettie had been around since the beginning of time on Earth, but most of those thousands of years she let slink around the crevices of her mind. It was mostly just walking the bridge with the newly deceased. There were a few memories, though, that burned into her every time she let herself pull them forward. And burned was precisely the right word.

She knew—or rather, remembered—why Archer would never leave Ilona.

Author Bio:

M.S. Kaye has several published books under her black belt. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, Florida, where she tries not to melt in the sun. Find suspense and the unusual at

To receive news on upcoming releases, sign up for email updates on her website.

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Fall Into Romance Hop.

I’m pleased to be part of the Fall Into Romance Hop. On this hop, we are sharing the romances that made us fall in love with the genre or the ones that keep us smitten.  Stop by each blog for new recommendations and giveaways!


The Linky is at bottom for those who wish to check out all stops or you may refer back to the main event post at:

What is my prize on this hop? One lucky reader will receive an ecopy of my paranormal romance Night Lover.

How to win my book? Night Lover is set in an English manor house and weaves between the past and the present. In order to win, comment on my post and answer this question: If you could have an affair with any historical figure, who would it be and why?

I will award the book to one winner.


Canadian soprano Renata Bruno is tired of waiting for her big break. Unfortunately, her boss, the conductor of a chamber ensemble, sees her as little more than background material. When she learns of an opportunity to sing solo with a different troupe in England, she knows she must seize it. Especially when she hears the group is to perform Mozart’s Requiem, her favorite work.

As soon as Renata decides to make her move, a strange, sultry presence invades her life. She begins dreaming of a man, one who makes love to her, bewitching her. It isn’t long before her night lover leaves startling proof of his nocturnal presence, making her doubt her senses.

To compound her discomfort, she learns her new conductor is the college boyfriend who broke her heart years ago. As Renata grapples with old hurts and renewed passion, she must also fend off the increasingly fervent advances of her night-time visitor. She realizes she is under the influence of an incubus, a sexual demon.

It becomes harder to resist the incubus when she learns he has a name and had a tragic history. The more she discovers about his past, the more she realizes they are linked in more ways than one. Renata begins to rediscover love and her sense of faith, but will it be enough to save her night lover from an evil curse? And will it destroy her in the process?

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What are the books that made me fall in love with the romance genre? Like many readers, I first gravitated to historical romance. I guess I’ve always wanted a Mr. Darcy of my own. For that reason, I often picked up books by Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer.


However, eventually I found myself craving modern stories, especially those dealing with the paranormal. Although it isn’t a romance book, I embarked on a torrid love affair during my teens with a particular vampire.


What are some of your first favorites?

Happy hopping and don’t forget to visit each stop!


A Gemini Island Shifters fashion show.

The big day is approaching.

Readers of my Gemini Island Shifters series will know the employees at the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort are preparing for a grand re-opening of the lodge. Since being attacked by the Alpha Brethren, Ryland and friends have been working hard to get the lodge back in business. In the upcoming Predator’s Salvation, book 8 in the series, you will finally get to see the resort in all its majesty once again.

The women at the resort have been picking out their party dresses and the men have been polishing their shoes. I thought it might be fun to show you what my heroines are planning to wear for the big event.

First we have Lia Snow, our hostess, Ryland’s wife. At 8 months pregnant, Lia wants to be comfortable but she can’t resist a bit of glitz.


Gioia Snow, wife to Soren, loves color. With her olive skin and dark hair, she feels most comfortable in jewel tones like this striking blue. Soren likes it too.


Marci Gaspar is married to a real prince, the mysterious Anton. Her dress is made of a luxurious silk and drapes her body to perfection.


Charlotte Cairo, mated to Bart, knows what she likes. To complement her dark hair, she has chosen this vintage look red gown.


This pale pastel is perfect against Nina Moon’s dark complexion. As soon as she slipped into this lovely pink and black lace number, her mate Killian did a double take.


Suzan Moon, mated to jaguar shifters Percy and Byron, loves muted tones. Because she is an empath, she prefers softer colors that help her aura remain nice and calm.


Fleur Bissette, newly mated to Jani Fodor, is a bit of a bad girl. At least, she used to be. Now she’s all heart but she still likes a bit of attitude in her clothing. For Fleur, it can only be a little black dress.


And finally we have Elaine Gleason, our newest heroine from Predator’s Salvation. Elaine is a bit nervous about the grand re-opening celebration, mostly because of her strange feelings for Connor Church. When Connor sees her in this lovely copper gown, things certainly heat up between them.


Do you like these choices? Which do you like best? What will you wear to the party?

Haven’t caught up with the series? It’s never too late. Come to Gemini Island now.


The shifter mate bond. Can it happen twice?

When an author creates a particular world for her characters, one that endures throughout the series, it is important to always work within the parameters of that world. If one establishes laws, so to speak, one must obey them.

One of the “laws” I created for my Gemini Island Shifters is the powerful mate bond. In my world, shape shifters have one true mate, the one for whom they are destined. Once they recognize that mate, the bond is spiritual, physical and stronger than any human can comprehend. My shifters live for each other and would die for each other.

But happens when they die? As I’ve hinted at in the books, a mated shifter who loses his/her mate, can often die as a result.  Because their bond is so strong, the grief is overwhelming. I explore this concept in book 8, Predator’s Salvation.

Featured Image -- 702

Heroine Elaine has lost much. Her mate perished in the battle with the Alpha Brethren. She is teetering, not only on the edge of sanity, but her health appears to be suffering. The mate bond is still in effect and her friends are desperate to save her, in particular Connor, her dead mate’s best friend. Connor will do anything to ensure Elaine does not succumb to the “wasting disease” that seems to have stricken other widowed shifters. This is just one of the conflicts in the book.

However, in caring for Elaine and her kids, Connor begins to realize his affection runs deeper than he ever expected. And what about Elaine? Her love for her mate was all-encompassing. Can she ever love again? In Connor, she begins to glimpse hope.

As an author, I love the tension in these questions. I have thrown together two people who stand to lose a great deal. However, I have not lost sight of the fact that in bonding Elaine and Connor, I might be breaking one of my world’s most important rules. Can a mated shifter actually survive the loss of her mate and fall in love again?

I think I’ve found a way to pair Connor and Elaine realistically and in such a manner my world rules aren’t broken. Every shifter on Gemini Island is pulling for them. No one wants Elaine to die of a broken heart. We want hope. We want love and we want it for them, even before they realize they do.

I hope you’ll continue reading the series to the end to see what I’ve done. As always, I promise happy endings. This one might be the hardest won but the end result will be sweeter.

Laurel Richards. In Her Element.

Hi, Rosanna. Thank you for having me here today!


I originally drafted In Her Element years ago. At the time, I hadn’t seen much paranormal romance featuring Elementals, and I was eager to explore a new group of supernaturals. As so often happens, other projects and the rest of life kept pulling me in different directions, so I was only able to work on the book here and there. Recently, I’ve noticed that Elementals have become more popular in PNR. I stopped and said to myself, “Well, when are you going to publish your Elemental books?” That was the impetus I needed to finally finish editing and polishing In Her Element, along with its sequels, Dragon Tears and Passion Fire. These three books work as a trilogy (though you can read them separately) and follow the Drake family. Darya Drake is a Water Elemental with a touch of something else (I won’t spoil the surprise), and she raises her younger brother, Matthew. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had with characters who can control water, fire, earth, and air, and I think these supernaturals promise lots of great storylines in the years ahead.


Blurb: Darya Drake is a Water Elemental who has lived a difficult life. She’s raising her younger brother, Matthew, who is mentally ill, and she has had to fight off Phages—Elementals who kill and cannibalize other Elementals to steal their powers. It isn’t until she meets Ethan Zale, a Water Elemental with stormy blue eyes and a body to die for, that she dares to hope for a better future. Ethan is everything she has ever wanted, but trouble looms when a Phage begins stalking her. Can Ethan find out who is after her and keep her safe? Will her brother accept another man in her life? Darya discovers true love in the midst of strife, but for a girl who has lost almost everyone she has ever cared about, it’s hard to believe in happy endings.





“It’s all right,” he said. “I’m not a Phage. There’s no need to be scared. My name is Ethan Zale, and I’m one of the Water Elementals.” When she didn’t return the introduction, he added, “You must be new to the city. I’ve never seen you before.”


She shot a quick glance behind her and took another step back. “Look, I don’t know who you are or what you want, but you need to get away from me right now. I don’t like being chased, and I really don’t like being cornered by strange men.” In this case, a very attractive man, but a stranger nonetheless.


He seemed unperturbed. “I already told you who I am. I’m Ethan Zale. And I’m like you.


His last remark came to her telepathically, and the sudden intimacy caught her off guard. Only her family had ever talked to her mind to mind before, and it was oddly thrilling to have an outsider do so.


Sister, are you all right?” Her brother must have picked up on the disturbance. “Do you need me?


Matthew was protective of her even though he was younger and still a teenager. Despite his mental and emotional problems, her brother’s thoughts were lucid—further proof, if she needed any, that Matthew was unstable but not truly insane. Sane or not, though, her brother would try to kill Ethan if he thought the guy was a threat. Ethan was an unknown.


It’s all right,” she told Matthew. “Just stay linked with me. There’s another Elemental here.


“Do you have somebody with you?” Ethan asked.


She figured this would be a good time to lie and tell him she had a big, burly husband waiting around the corner. Unfortunately, she was a terrible liar.


“My brother,” she answered instead, sticking with the truth as much as possible. He didn’t need to know how physically far away her sibling was. “What about you? Are there more of you? More Elementals?” Although he didn’t look like he was going to pounce, she needed to know if he was the only one she needed to worry about.


His brow furrowed. “There are Elementals all over the world, in this city and many others. Our people may not be very populous anymore, but we’re certainly not the only ones here.”


He was looking at her as if she were crazy. Now she knew how her brother must feel.


“That’s not what I meant,” she snapped as her temper got the better of her. “Did you bring others with you tonight? Are you the only one near the plaza?”


He returned a smile that seemed to push back the darkness. “I’m supposed to be meeting my friend, but I spotted you first and couldn’t resist. I know I shouldn’t have chased after you like this, but it’s rare to find an Elemental by herself. You really shouldn’t wander around alone. It’s not safe.”


“Believe me,” she said. “I can see that.”


“I told you I’m not a Phage. There’s no need to be scared.”


Phage? Darya frowned at the strange term he had now used twice. “Listen, I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I’m certainly not going to take your word for it that I’m safe with you.” No matter how much her instincts—or was that her hormones?—made her want to believe him.


Her words didn’t seem to affect him in the least. “Did you just move to the city? Is that why you’re not part of the community?”




“Why don’t we go someplace to talk?” Ethan suggested. “You seem a little confused, or else you don’t know much about our people. We could get something to eat, play some Q&A, and maybe figure this out.”


“I thought you were meeting your friend,” she said, certain his “friend” was another woman.


His lips twitched. “I can catch up with him later. At the moment, I’m more interested in you. What do you say, Miss…”


Darya met his gaze squarely and shook her head.


Impatience flashed across his face, but he nodded. “Okay. I know you don’t know me, so you have to be cautious. I’m sure we can work something out. How can I put you at ease and prove that I’m not a threat?”


“You could start by walking away. That would help.” She hated to see him go, but a man like him presented more than one threat to a woman.


A trace of a smile caught at his lips, though he hid it as he reached into his pocket to pull out a business card. “Very well. Do you have a pen?”


Was he kidding? She almost laughed, but then she dug into her purse to find one. Anything to get rid of him sooner, right? Or was she desperate for his number?


“Here.” She tossed him a cheap ballpoint.


He scribbled something on the back of the card and then tossed her pen back to her. The heat of his hand had warmed the plastic.


“My work cell is on the front, and my home phone is on the back,” he explained, holding the card out between two fingers. “You can call and talk to me anytime. Hopefully we can set up a meeting place where you’ll feel comfortable, and then we can get to know each other better.”


He said it so calmly, so reasonably, that she found herself agreeing. Then again, maybe he was mesmerizing her with those pretty eyes of his.


“All right.” She deliberated whether or not to walk forward and take the card from him directly.


He was holding it out like bait for a wild animal, and she got the feeling he was daring her to get close to him. She decided to play it safe. When she was sure no one else was looking, she focused her telekinetic energy on the little slip of paper and brought it sailing toward her through the air. She snatched it as soon as it was close enough and flipped it over between her fingers. Sure enough, the name Ethan Zale was embossed on the front, and his phone number was printed on the back.


“Please call,” he said as he started to retreat. “I think you’ll find it’s worth the risk. Some opportunities shouldn’t be ignored.”


He fixed her with his deep, storm-tossed gaze until she nodded. Her breath left her in a rush as he walked away, but then he hesitated as he was about to disappear around the corner.


“By the way, your vanishing act in the plaza was impressive. Not too many Elementals can do that. I look forward to learning more about you, Mystery Woman.” He flashed her a grin and stepped out of sight.





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My Roy Orbison moment.

Remember that song “Crying” by Roy Orbison? (Personally I adore the later version with Roy and the incomparable k.d. lang.)

Well, I feel as if that song has been my mantra lately. I can’t stop crying over my new manuscript for Predator’s Salvation, Gemini Island Shifters 8.

Featured Image -- 702

Those who have kept up with the series know there is an element of grief involved. I won’t get into specifics and don’t wish to post spoilers for those who haven’t read the later books in the series.

My heroine Elaine ( and my hero Connor) are dealing with grief in its harshest form. As shape shifters, they feel each emotion even more keenly than their human counterparts might. I’m feeling it right along with them.

However, I think part of my author’s grief is saying goodbye to the series. I knew this day was coming. I readied myself. Quite frankly, I didn’t really think I needed to prepare myself. Onward and upward, right? Every good thing must come to an end, right?

And yet Roy and k.d. keep singing in my head. Remember when he thought he was “over” k.d. but realized he wasn’t?

I’m not over my friends on Gemini Island, not by a long shot. I suspect it’ll be some time before I’m anywhere near being over the good folks at the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort.

Every time I write a new scene, I dissolve. I have been constantly removing my eyeglasses to wipe them clean of smudges and tears. I blow my nose a lot and my waste baskets are filled with tissues.

I have actually reached out to a friend to beta read the last book for me soon because I worry my sadness will carry over into the book. However, it’s a sad time for these characters. If I don’t explore that grief, I don’t think I am honoring their sacrifices. I want to show their pain. All the better to see them triumph as I know they will at the end.

What will I do when it is time to write “The End?”

I have no idea. I suspect Roy will intrude once more and that I will shed more tears. My readers may cry along with me but I hope, more than anything, that I ensure their time on Gemini Island was memorable, exciting and full of love.